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Nova Series

Before Nova

A bullied girl struggles to survive an apocalypse with her family and wants to escape to a better world. She inherited her grandmother’s second sight; while a latent ability that starts unraveling, it's a propensity for precognition, remote viewing and other extra sensory perceptions. Is she the link from mankind’s fallen world, the evolutionary key to a higher plane of existence?

Inside Nova

Nova is a high-tech society that is the “bastion of civilization.” At first Dawn fits right in, and her former feelings of being a misfit disappear, until the city is under threat, and nanotechnology along with oppressive control buries any hopes of a free, democratic society. Her latent psychic abilities unfold rapidly through travel to another dimension and she befriends a young man in Nova who also travels there in his dreams. Together they fight to free citizens from a horrible illness caused by nanotech surveillance.

Beyond Nova

As Nova becomes an increasingly dystopian society, Dawn and Daniel fall into its snares. Their bond is forever, and society's comforts mesmerize them as nanotech takes on a specter of mind control. Will they simply blend in? Or will they transcend and fight for a higher state of existence through the light universe?

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